Mitchell Booth (AE/CML Boot Camp) Interview


Mitchell Booth (AE CML Boot Camp) Interview

After TQ’ing and winning the 4WD class at our recent RC-Area 1/10th Electric Masters we caught up with AE/CML Boot Camp driver Mitchell Booth for a quick interview… 

Age: 17
Mechanic: My dad
Chassis: Team Associated
Engine: LRP
Tyres: Proline
Fuel: Byron
Electrics: LRP
Sponsors: CML Distribution, Extreme F.X

When did you join the CML / Team Associated Boot Camp? 18 months ago.

How long have you been racing? Around 4 years now.

Looking back at all of the races you have attended, which one would you say was your favourite event? The 2013 oOple Invernational 2013 race at Robin Hood Raceway for sure!

What are your RC goals? To become better and better year by year.

Who do you consider to be your RC rivals? I don’t have any.

Which event(s) are you most looking forward to attending during this 2013 season? The 1/8th Nationals as always.

Do you have any hobbies other than RC? I like to go to motor-cross with friends and hang out.

What have been your RC career highlights? Being invited to race at the reedy race in California.

You TQ’d and won our RC-Area 1/10th Electric Masters event at Storm Valley Raceway, was it your first time on the US style dirt track? My first impressions were good as it is my local track and the track is always in top form.

Besides the fact that you TQ’d and won, how did the day go for you? Did you experience any problems? Yes I suffered a rear diff problem in the second round off qualifying, which meant I had to retire.

Fellow team mate Ryan Lawrence finished close behind in second, was there anyone else in particular that you wanted to beat? No not really, I just wanted to do the best I possible could and enjoy myself.

What are your thoughts regarding the track itself? For me Storm Valley Raceway is a awesome facility and it is a pleasure to race there.

Any other comments / statements in general? Yes, I firstly like to thank Mick & Neil Cragg for the help, support and advice over the season and also a big thanks to Craig Drecsher for putting me in the Team Associated boot Camp 18 months ago and CML for their support. I would also like to say a big thank Kevin from RC-Area!

Mitchell Booth.