1/10 Offroad ROAR Nats, Chico – Day 1


1/10 Offroad ROAR Nats, Chico - Day 1

Our friends over at NeoBuggy are reporting from the 2013 1/10 Offroad ROAR National which is currently takig place in Chico… Wednesday Practice at the 1/10 Offroad ROAR National Championships and four rounds of 6 min practice sessions were run with drivers getting to grips with the layout. The fastest 3 consecutive laps being used to seed for controlled practice on Thursday, according to drivers the layout is pretty decent however requiring tight lines and not many opportunities to pass. 

As ever the Silver Dollar RC Raceway facility blows many others out of the water with plenty of space, although with a slightly low entry this is not an issue at all. After the sweetened drama of the warm up, the track has been sugared but not as much, on the racing line grip is good but off line very dusty, the A Main track crew are ever present with leaf-blowers ensuring the dust stays on the sidelines. Read More…

10th Offroad ROAR Nats, Chico