EFRA 1/10th Electric TC Euros Preview


EFRA 10th Electric TC Euros Preview

RC Racing TV report before their live coverage of the forthcoming EFRA 1/10th Electric Touring Car Euros… After a weekend of double EFRA Euros, we now return to just one event this weekend. But it’s a big one – the Electric Touring Car event. With no event held in 2012 due to the World Championships taking place in the Netherlands, drivers will be keen to get their name enshrined in the EFRA Hall Of Fame. What should we expect from the race? Who are the contenders? And where can you watch all the action? Read on for the RCTV Race Preview! 

The Track (Torres Novas, Portugal):

The circuit is used by both electric and nitro on-road cars, which meant the drivers at the warm-up race were greeted by a track with a good level of traction from the start. The layout is reasonably technical, with a number of hairpin turns and tight s-bends. A few longer, medium-speed corners and a decent length back straight will test the cars, but could also make overtaking difficult. With the track being located in Portugal, the weather is likely to be hot but dusty. At the warm-up race, drivers did report that the combination of heat in the track and the grip level did mean they experienced a notable drop off in lap times during each 5-minute run, but with the rules for the event essentially meaning drivers have a new set of tires for every qualifying run, there will be no need for tire strategy or drivers sitting out rounds.

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