Volker & Franke win at LRP TCM ’13


Volker & Franke win at LRP TCM '13

We saw three action packed days of racing and the winners have received their well deserved trophies! The 16th edition of the LRP TCM has been a really fantastic premier event here in Althengstett. All drivers, spectators and the staff of the local club MCSS Althengstett and everybody from the LRP team had lots of fun. Ronald Völker won the title in the Masters Class for the fourth time in a row. 

A-main of the Classic Challenge:

Thomas Nitschke
Florian Schimm
Niklas Engelmann

A-main of the 17.5T Challenge:
Stephan Leiber
Andreas Klei
Clemens Neubert

A-main of the Stock Class:

  1. Oliver Franke
  2. Marek Czerny
  3. Zdenko Kunak

A-main of the Masters Class:

  1. Ronald Völker
  2. Freddy Südhoff
  3. Viljami Kutvonen