VTEC foam handout tyres at EFRA Euros


VTEC foam handout tyres at EFRA Euros

NOSRAM is proud to announce that the VTEC 1/10 foam tyres are the handout tyres at the upcoming EFRA 1/10 IC Track European Championship B 2013 in Gubbio / Italy! VTEC are the leading tyres when it comes to high-quality, consistent and reliable handout-tyres for touring car racing in Europe. The VTEC high-performance foam tyres are made of the purest high-quality foam material. The tyres are pre-glued, perfectly trued and therewith ready to race!


  • For electric and nitro cars
  • Ready-to-Run out of the box
  • Highest quality Japanese foam
  • High-quality true-spin rim
  • Including wheel sticker and shore identification

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