T4 Wins 2013 Hungarian Championship


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The last round of the Hungarian Championship took place on 9th March at RcAréna in Budapest. Unfortunately, a night before the race I‘ve got sick, so it was a bit difficult to keep the concentration up. In the first and second qualifying run, I finished second due to minor mistakes. In the third run, I managed to get the TQ with perfect driving and convincing performance.

The first final race was an easy win 2 seconds ahead the first runner up. The second one was more interesting for the spectators as we fight for the first place until the last round. This race again showed the extraordinary stability and excellent driveability of XRAY cars. The third final run was again an easy start-finish victory.

A Main Final results:

  1. Janos Birinyi – XRAY T4
  2. Simon Ciudan
  3. Zoltan Tohai – XRAY T4
  4. Ferenc Gibala – XRAY T3 2012
  5. Mark Tohai
  6. Tamas Pongho – XRAY T3 2011
  7. Miklos Hejjas
  8. Mate Toth
  9. Marcell Kisjuhasz – XRAY T3
  10. Zsolt Kovacsevics – XRAY T3 2012

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