New Pro-Line HD BullDog Shells


New Pro-Line HD BullDog Bodys

Pictured is Pro-Lines new HD BullDog clear bodyshell for the D812, RC8.2, 8ight E 2.0, B4.2 and Losi 22… Pro-Line went all-out for the World Championships in Argentina with a special High Down-Force BullDog body for the unique track conditions. Every effort on the HD BullDog was made to improve the rear Down-Force and add high-speed stability, which improve lap times significantly on tracks with a long straight-away and few jumps.

Large vertical fins extend out of the roof line and air channels extend over the length of the body to achieve maximum straight line stability. The rear portion of the HD BullDog features a scooped spoiler that provides the improved Rear Down-Force, giving your buggy a more balanced and stable feel at high-speeds.