A day in the life of Jason Ruona of JConcepts


A day in the life of Jason Ruona of JConcepts

4:00am – I wake up to check emails and answer any important messages early.

5-8am –¬†Sleep…ha

9am – I arrive at work and walk around and catch up with our crew.

10am-12pm – I work on my list of projects. Test sample product, look at new and exisiting projects for success and failures. Product releases, race reports. Work with fellow workers on new and existing projects.

12pm – Lunch – catchup with the guys. Talk racing, sports, facebook, daily drama….

1-2pm – Work a little more closely with others and their projects. Help resolve problems with projects or production issues in house. Look into upcoming large size events and make sure product is available and ready on-hand.

2-3pm – In house meetings or group gatherings to keep projects or scheduled events on schedule.

3-5pm – Back to my personal projects of new product designs, product numbering / labeling, product description or press releases.

5-6pm – End of the day emails, clearing the inbox, moving the status forward of ongoing relationships or projects.

6-7pm – Clean off my desk of last minute items that still needed to be done in the day. Product approvals, email approvals, team driver order forwarding.

7-8pm – End of the day phone calls on the drive home. Dinner / wife and family time.

8-9pm – Small work projects on my phone for upcoming scheduling.

9-10pm – Catch the end of a basketball game or favorite tv show.

10-11pm – Clean-up, wind-down, sleeping..