Toy Fair 2013 – Schumacher


Toy Fair 2013 – Schumacher

Area52 is currently reporting from the 2013 Toy Fair… “UK company Schumacher has a couple of new products on show at the fair such as the recently released Cat SX3 4WD buggy, Speed Passion electric on-road chassis and a new tyre and inserts. Also on show is the SupaStox called 1/12th on-road chassis specially designed for the very popular UK oval racing class.


The 2WD chassis sports a link-type rear suspension, solid rear axle, and highly adjustable front end. The car is available with a number of body shells including Peugeot 205 and Dodge Stratus silhouette body. Speed Passion distributor Schumacher also have SP’s new F1 and LMP style on-road chassis on show. The newly designed cars feature a carbon fibre chassis, F1-style front and link-type rear suspension as well as F1 and LeMans Prototype body shell.”

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Toy Fair 2013 – Schumacher5


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