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    New Serpent Viper 977 – 1/8 Scale On-Road

    December 20, 2012 - 14:51 by Kevin 0 Comments

    New Serpent Viper 977

    We understand that Serpent is due to release a completely new 1/8 scale on road car in February 2013. Serpent reports…


    Designer Michael Salven went all out on this exciting new masterpiece, with input from many Serpent racers!

    A very worthy next step after the very successful Serpent 960 and 966 series. Around 80% of the car is new. We keep Centax TrueMotion clutch, 2-speed gearbox, wheelaxle-sets, driveshafts and bumper. All other parts are newly designed, fast and super easy to work on.

    Michael just came back from the final test in Valencia, Spain, with a big smile on his face. All is tested and approved, so it’s a full go ahead!

    The Viper 977 goes in production, as further testing is being carried out, to test new options and find best default set-ups in Spain, Italy, USA and UK for now.


    New Serpent Viper 977