Xray XB4 – Build Photos


We have very kindly been sent a selection of photos of the Xray XB4 build process! Stay tuned for further updates as and when we receive them!

We would like to thank the guys at Team Powers UK and Charli-Beth for sending us the photos.


XB4 … Xrays long awaited Electric buggy has finally arrived…

The kit build is typically Xray quality through and through… along with the comprehensive package of manuals and setup sheets to get you going.

Good points –

  • Easy to remove differentials and to service
  • Plastic quality is faultless as with all the other Xray models
  • Shock absorbers have a metal casing feel very smooth with bleed screws and a multitude of pistons for all conditions
  •  Xray include 4 silicon oil grades for the Diffs, Shocks
  • Roll Bars come as Standard
  • Carbon Fibre Shock Towers front and rear
  • Captive drive pins no need for Grub Screws… great news!
  • Flex – Ability to adjust the flex of the chassis just like their TC’s is a very welcome option
  • Spare Plastic Conical Gears included for Diffs
  • Plenty of room on the chassis to mount the electrics
  • Easy slipper clutch adjustment
  • Simple but effective way of clamping the motor in the correct location.

Bad points –

  • Screwing into the plastic casing to fix the shock tower was very tough. I’d recommend applying a small amount of grease to the casing to make it a little easier.
  • Would have been nice to see metal gears included in the kit as standard for the conical gears.

Overall rating for this Buggy so far … 9/10 but I am sure we see some podium finishes appearing very soon.