CML Distribution – Victims of Robbery


CML Distribution – Victims of RobberyOn the evening of Saturday 10 November, CML Distribution was the victim of a burglary of considerable value. The thieves smashed a hole through a wall and took a sizeable amount of the products listed below. Some of the products are CML’s own exclusive brands (FTX, Etronix) and cannot be obtained anywhere else globally outside of CML Distribution.

Should anyone suspicious approach you with these products, it would be appreciated if you could contact CML or West Mercia Police quoting the crime number 22DN/75883F/12. Police have recovered some good evidence in the way of fingerprints and other DNA, so CML are still hopeful that the culprits can be caught even if the stock is not recovered.

Products to look out for that were stolen:

  • FTX5540 FTX Nitro Carnage RTR Truck
  • FTX5525 FTX Brushed Electric Enrage RTR Buggy
  • ET1100 Etronix Two-Channel Stick 2.4GHz Radio Set
  • HBM7-TQ2/B Hyper TQ 2 Black with 2.4GHz Hyper 21 engine RTR
  • HBM7-TQ2/W Hyper TQ 2 White with 2.4GHz MachStar 28 engine RTR