Revolution Design 5th Anniversary


Revolution Design 5th Anniversary

We would like to congratulate our good friend Michael Vollmer for the 5th Anniversary of Revolution Design!

Michael started his career as a freelancer designer for many RC Car companies, producing some of the most innovative, most stylish and most progressive designs ever seen. Companies such as Serpent, Kingstar, Axial, Venom, Vampire Racing, Pulse RC, Team Durango and many others are on Michael’s list of clients.

We are very pleased to hear that today; Revolution Design is very busy with many new amazing Projects. Michael Vollmer had the following to say…

Thanks to all clients over the last years! Thanks for the trust in the Power of Design! And thanks to all Racers, Bashers, Grass root Drivers, Team Drivers, Engineeers, Project Coordinators, Managers, Distributors and Shops! Thanks for your input and your critics! Thanks for pushing me to the limits! Thanks to all, who helped to transform my thoughts becoming reality.