Shropshire Summer Cup Results


Shropshire Summer Cup

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This past weekend saw the Shropshire Summer Cup take place at East Shrewsbury BRC’s Bicton track. Sponsored by JC Racing and run over two days, racers were greeted with a real off-road racing experience.

The purpose built track featured little astro turf, yet adopted the natural flow of the grassland while introducing a range of manmade jumps and natural bumps.

Practice and qualifying for the event took place on the Sunday with one round of qualifying and finals held on Monday with 5 bump ups from each final.

A Final:

  1. Ian Ford
  2. Matt Slaney
  3. Matt Box
  4. Steve Guppy
  5. Alex Page
  6. Lee Marson

B Final: 

  1. Lee Marson
  2. Shaun Stenson
  3. Bryn Pound
  4. Gary Gregory
  5. Mike Saunders
  6. Michael Wilding

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C Final:

  1. Michael Wilding
  2. Mark Foreman
  3. Cate Pound
  4. Juliet Exall
  5. Tim Slaney
  6. David Storey

Ladies Race:

  1. Juliet Exall
  2. Cate Pound
  3. Kath Saunders
  4. Gaynor Shipman