LRP reports from 2012 IFMAR Worlds


LRP reports from 2012 IFMAR Worlds

LRP team driver Ronald Völker reaches the podium in both competitions after a hard fight. The World Champions come from Japan and the Netherlands. The brand new LRP Flow BL speedo convinces with a great performance.

IFMAR Electric Onroad World Championships – every 2 years, they are the most important highlight for the R/C electric drivers in the world. The best drivers in the scene fight each other and the latest products are shown under extreme race conditions. It’s a big event for all with top-class racing action in two classes. In the end, two new (or old) World Champions are crowned.

The IFMAR World Championships 2012 were held in Heemstede, Netherlands. From July, 18th to 24th, the worldwide elite of R/C car sports met there to compete for the 1/12 and TC titles. The LRP team attended with all its top drivers like Ronald Völker, Juho Levänen, Freddy Südhoff, Olly Jeffries and Keven Hébert.

It was an amazing event for all the 92 drivers in 1/12 and the 130 drivers in TC. The 1/12 indoor track featured a curved and varied design as well as a carpet surface with extremely high traction. Touring car drivers also enjoyed a fantastic track. The asphalt of the high speed course provided excellent traction on all days. Only on Friday, there were some problems with the time schedule due to a heavy rain in the afternoon.

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