Bloomfield Official Euros TQ


Neo Buggy continues their report from this years Euros… “Darren Bloomfield went into the last heat of Q5 full of confidence knowing that only David Ronnefalk or Reno Savoya could challenge him to overall TQ, despite TQ being all but secure Darren Bloomfield launched his car onto the track and went quickest, beating Elliott Boots’ Q2 time by about 6/10ths. Bloomfield’s TQ comes on the 10 year anniversary of the British team’s last TQ, back in 2002 with David Crompton in Germany. Superstition is something that runs in many racers’ veins and looking back over the last decade, the title of TQ can sometimes be a curse and for others a blessing. In the last 10 years only 4 Top Qualifiers have successfully converted that into a win; 06-09 (Yannick, Batlle & Savoya twice.)

David Ronnefalk held onto 2nd place and Robert Batlle put his Q4 drama behind him to end up 3rd ahead of longterm Euro rival Reno Savoya. Q2 TQ Elliott Boots promised ballistic speed and he delivered sporadically, he may have been aiming for TQ but ultimately the prizes are handed out on Saturday. Miguel Matias in 6th ahead of a recovering Jerome Aigoin and Joe Quagraine impressing many with the only driver using his own brand car, Neumann in 9th running the heavily revised Durango infront of Borja Hernandez’ LRP buggy. 2010 Top Qualifier Yannick Aigoin sits 11th, and Neil Cragg 12th after his Q1 fuel tank issues with lucky #13 going to Chris Svensson, 14th place occupied by the still recovering Teemu Leino, illness hampering him slightly, 15th the Pink Panther Jerome Sartel and 16th impressively by young Spaniard Ignacio Candel.”

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