New RTR cars from Team Durango


New RTR cars from Team Durango

Our friends over at reports – “In the build up to last weekends oOple Invernational race some of the Team Durango guys were out doing some photography and video of some interesting new cars that they’re calling Race Ready RTR cars.

The cars we saw were based upon the DEST210R stadium truck, the DESC210R short course and the DEX210 buggy. The cars were quickly bundled away into the boot of a car when I showed up with my camera but the guys were willing to talk a little about the new cars and I managed to snap a few photos of the ‘DEX210 Race Ready RTR’.

The car will come with steerwheel transmitter and is all fully pre-built in rear motor configuration – though with the addition of a couple of bits you can change it to mid-motor just like the original DEX210. This car however looks to have a longer, moulded tub chassis with a new matching pre-printed cab forward shell.”

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