Nitrux Finals at East Shrewsbury


Nitrux Finals at East Shrewsbury

Nathan Powney reports – This weekend I headed over to East Shrewsburys new track for the Nitrux Winter Series

Final round, as we got closer to the track the rain was horrendous and slipped all the way into the field to find a very wet track, I got all my stuff unloaded and got setup with team mate Shaun Stenson.

We held off from starting until 10am as the rain had stopped and the ground began to dry out, the layout consisted of an astro straight with a few jumps features and a rough grass layout. After inspection of the track I lowered my shocks on the tower, raised the ride height to 30mm all round and went with a soft set of Hobao angles.

In practice i found the layout suited my driving and put in the fastest time of practice and even though the track was wet this was probably the grippyest of the day.

With a quick clean off we started qualifier one and I managed to set the fastest time in round with my Intech BR-5 Evo, the car felt very good with my setup and was very happy that I could improve, in round 2 I changed to a harder foamed set of angles and managed to put in a very clean run and improved on my fastest time from practice by 2 seconds and with this a new FTD.

Meanwhile team mate Shaun Stenson was having a few issues with servo horns due to fitting new radio gear couldn’t quite seem to find the bits he needed, but when he managed to get everything together he put in a qualifier that would position him at the back of the B final.

In rounds 3 and 4 i again set the fastest time of the rounds but made a few small errors as the track started to rut up in areas so was looking for different lines ready for the finals. In the 4th round as the ground had dried up I chose to run Louise B Spikes and this worked well for me, i wasn’t any faster than previous times but matched the pace i was setting earlier on as i found the angles to start getting abit loose on the dirt sections.

With first place on the grid in the bag I watched on as team mate Shaun Stenson drove a blinding B final and managed to bump up to the A main running his Intech/Werks combination and JC offsets.

So for my Final everything ready and engine sounding great I managed to get a great clean start and gave myself a nice clean gap from 2nd place, I then went onto drive a clean final with only a couple of mistakes and finished 2 laps ahead of second place Jason Fowler.

Shaun finished 6th in the A with a cut during a fuel stop depriving him of any higher positions but well done everyone who ran the meeting and thanks to My Dad Ray Powney for Pitting for myself and many others.

With the win here at Shrewsbury I took the title for the Nitrux Winter Series champion running my Intech BR-5 Evo and Louise tyres. Thanks to JC Racing Products, Toy Box Racing and Mag Models for all their support.

Lets hope to go on and win at Ledbury Next weekend and a good time at the Neo.
All the Best Nathan Powney