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    Neo12 Update – Just over 2 weeks to go!

    March 19, 2012 - 11:07 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Neo12 Update - Just over 2 weeks to go!

    Neobuggy reports – “With just over 2 weeks to go, we thought it would be timely to update everyone about Neo12, first off www.LiveRC.com will of course be returning to provide their fantastic live coverage of the event, tune into LiveRC / NeoBuggy.net for the latest. If there are any confirmed drivers that are unsure of their participation please get in contact with us (info@theneorae.com) so we can re-allocate the spot. We remind drivers to book their accommodation, rental cars etc and bring a map/GPS! (See Harper Adams Location).

    We also remind drivers that Additives are strictly forbidden See Tyre Additive statement of Jan 29th 2012. We will soon be publishing the Neo12 Driver’s Guide with timetables, rules and lots of information, stay tuned. All drivers please remember to bring a pit towel or two with you to protect the pit tables, thank you. We also have a few spots for the Family/Mechanics/Wives & Girlfriends Challenge, first come first serve!”

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