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    2012 HPI Baja Endurance Challenge

    March 16, 2012 - 05:09 by Kevin 0 Comments

    2012 HPI Baja Endurance Challenge

    14-16 September


    24 hrs

    HPI Racing reports – “We are proud to announce that we have confirmed that the 2012 HPI Baja Endurance Challenge will be at the big EFRA-spec Fehring circuit in Austria!

    We’re also back to a 24 hour race for 2012, to make it a REAL challenge for the Baja cars and the teams!

    HPI can also make special arrangements for individual drivers who would like to race but are unable to gather a team together – drivers can be put together to make a multinational team, and HPI may be able to supply an RTR kit at a special price for use during the race!

    We will have more news soon, for now you can visit the website for the Fehring club at http://www.wmw-fehring.at/ so you can see the facilities and track.

    Camping on-site is available and we’ll have a special party for the racers and spectators!

    Tell everyone you know at the track and on web forums, Twitter and Facebook!”

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