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    TITC 2012 – Team Orion Rocks 13.5T Stock

    March 7, 2012 - 14:05 by Kevin 0 Comments

    TITC 2012 – Team Orion Rocks 13.5T Stock

    “While Europe and USA where still confronted with ice cold temperatures and snow covered tracks, the RC Touring car community teamed up end of February for its yearly Thailand International Touring car Championship race event (or simple said ‘’the Race of Fun and Pleasure’’) in a hot and humid Thailand.

    This year’s TITC was held at the beautiful accommodation of the RC Addict racing facility in Bangkok, where end of this year also the World Championship GP on road 1/10 will take place. The sugar watered high grip asphalt track, with its long straight and tight infield, is very demanding for both the driver as well material, with this year’s temperatures reaching a record (and very sweaty) 41C in the pit area, and 61C on the black racing line.

    Once more an astonishing amount of more than 200 drivers in several classes, with the 13.5T class by far the largest attendance. At this race, as well in many other countries in Asia, the so called ‘’blinky O-timing mode’’ is non-existing (for the moment), so more important than ever it was to find a good balance with the battery/motor/ESC equipment; especially find the good timing and software setting in the ESC with a high power battery.”

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    TITC 2012 – Team Orion Rocks 13.5T Stock