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    XRAY T3’12 Center Servo Mount – Set

    February 27, 2012 - 07:31 by Kevin 0 Comments

    XRAY T3’12 Center Servo Mount - Set

    Xray has announced the release of their new Center Servo Mount set for the T3’12…

    “Center Servo Mount is made from high-quality, CNC-machined graphite and it allows the servo to be mounted to the chassis without touching it. The servo is mounted using three stands and without any other modifications. With this new servo mounting method, unwanted chassis tweak is eliminated while at the same time it provides more overall traction. The new servo mounting position improves the balance of the car as the servo is mounted more in the center of the chassis.

    • High-quality, CNC-machined graphite
    • 3-stand solid mounting
    • Improved chassis balance
    • Eliminates unwanted tweak
    • Increased overall traction”

    Grab a bargain on eBay…
    [phpbay]XRAY T3, 2[/phpbay]