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    Tessmann does ‘Dirt Nitro Challenge Double’

    February 27, 2012 - 10:36 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Tessmann does 'Dirt Nitro Challenge Double'

    Our friends over at Neo Buggy reports – “Sunday; day 5 of what has been a race to remember – no one remembers the weather when its great, only when the Nitro Challenge is hit with what feels like Arizona’s annual rainfall in one night. However with a new track comes new beginnings and some stunning weather – perfect conditions everyday and not too cold at night for those late finishes! The mains rolled along with particular highlights being the Pro buggy B main – a feast of racing and smash-fest for everyone who took to the track to watch. As the A main approached though there was a worrying incident – one of the overseas mechanics was hit in the chest area by a car and was taken away by ambulance to a local hospital, we wish him a speedy recovery!

    The A main got underway a bit later than planned in a repeat of yesterday’s glitches and it seemed the script for the final read practically the same – although this time it was Phend chasing Tessmann until he retired after 7 laps at which point Cavalieri had assumed the role of hunter in P2. Cavalieri, 2nd in yesterday’s truck final valiantly kept at it until he retired on lap 19, Ryan Maifield joined the fight and seemed the only driver able to keep a realistic pace with Ty – running clean lap after clean lap after clean lap. Maifield got very close on a couple of occasions but never quite close enough to make that final move. It wasn’t long before the curse of P2 struck again as Maifield broke part of his steering arm linkage leaving him to limp back to the pits for repairs.

    This left Ty with an almost insurmountable lead and clear road to victory with 15-20mins to go, Drake showed brief flashes but eventually he ended up in 4th, behind Robbers in 2nd and Tebo clinching 3rd – not quite the result he might have pictured a year ago, but one that he may well be content with given his mixed form at the race. So a Hot Bodies 1,2 but with a heavily modified D8 TQ’ing and winning and Jesse Robbers running the CR8 to finish 2nd…! Further down the pack, Lutz made up for his truck final struggles taking 5th, Ronnefalk finished 6th – top European despite not being entirely happy with his own driving in the final, but a result he’ll happily take home with him, Martin Bayer finished 7th with the XB9, Savoya suffering a multitude of flameouts which hindered his progress. Cody King featured heavily early on including some sweet battles with Kyosho team mate Tebo but hit issues which dropped him down.”

    Tessmann does 'Dirt Nitro Challenge Double'

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