T3’12 Wins Norwegian Winter Series R2


T3'12 Wins Norwegian Winter Series R2

Xray reports – “Round 2 of the Norwegian Winter Series was in Haakonshall in Lillehammer circuit, 200 kilometers from Oslo. It was held in the hall that was the Norwegian Olympic Hall in 1994, a very big area. The hall has a stand to accommodate 9000 seats, so it was a very big hall and a very good race. Thanks to Lillehammer model car club for the race.

1st Qualifying:
The 1st qualifying was a great race. Petter Berntsen with his XRAY T3`12 was in 1st position and led from start to finish. He got 24 laps. The car worked very well. Marius Nicolaisen was in 2nd place with his Serpent car with 23 laps, and Joakim Nicolaisen was 3rd with his new Associated car with 23 laps.

2nd Qualifying:
The 2nd qualifying was also a great heat, with Petter Berntsen also winning that heat with 23 laps but he had one crash. Marius Nicolaisen was in 2nd place with 23 laps, and Roger Berntsen was in 3rd place with 23 laps with his XRAY T3`12.

3rd Qualifying:
The 3rd qualifying was a very hard qualifier but Joakim, Marius and Roger pushed very hard to get the Top Qualifying in the A-final. There was trouble for Roger and Joakim, and so they failed and broke during the qualifying. Petter Berntsen defended his Top Qualifying position and won this last qualifier with 24 laps. Marius Nicolaisen was 2nd with a low 23 laps, and Christer Antonsen with his Hot Bodies car was 3rd with 22 laps.”

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