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    Reece Hodges is Chippenham Winter Champion

    February 17, 2012 - 22:08 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Reece Hodges is Chippenham Winter Champion

    The Chippenham Winter Indoor Championship is one of the largest winter club championships in the UK, with a series of six meetings for electric circuit cars which is held at the Christie Miller Sports Centre in Melksham. The final round was held 5th February 2012.

    For the final round of the series the track was more technical than the 5 previous rounds, so the day was going to be interesting! First round of the day and there were some slightly scrappy heats but the times were sure to improve! Gary Dyson had done enough to TQ with Kieran Clift and Rob West more than 6 seconds off. Round two saw better lines and times were much faster and Reece Hodges managed to TQ with Rob West just two seconds off and Simon Chambers getting third a lap behind.

    The track in the final round of qualifying gave some of the fastest lap times of the day. Rob West won the final round of qualifying however his time was still 8 tenths off TQ and had to settle for 2nd leaving Mark Hancock posting the fastest lap of the day so far and third overall.

    The start of the first final was clean, Rob West stayed on Reece Hodges’ tail just within a second for about a minute, but an issue with lapped traffic saw Reece gain a comfortable two corner lead. A mistake from Rob West two minutes in allowed Mark Hancock into second place. At the front of the pack Reece Hodges pulled away slightly to a 3 corner lead, which he kept all the way until the last lap when he clipped the final section of the track, luckily for Reece he landed on his wheels and took the win, with Mark Hancock just 1.6 seconds off and Rob West a lap behind in third.

    The second final also had a nice start, Reece Hodges took full advantage of pole position and yet again took a two corner lead after the first minute, Rob West had an accident in the first lap which caused him to drop down to almost last position, this allowed Mark Hancock into second and Reuben Manning into third. All was comfortable until the fourth minute for Reece till a mistake on the entrance of the straight enabled Mark Hancock to gain the lead. Reece pressured him hard for 4 laps until he made a move on Mark down the straight retaking the lead, Mark was on Reece’s case but pushed too hard at the end of the straight on the next lap and spun causing Reece to take the win over Mark by 1.8 seconds, another close result. The battle for third was also close, Reuben Manning took third over Rob West by just 3 tenths of a second.

    With those two wins Reece Hodges achieved the maximum 700 out of 700 points and thus won the championship, Ayrton Anderson came second with 686 points and Rob West came third with 686 points as the tie went to dropped rounds considered. In fourth came Reuben Manning with 680 points and Mark Hancock came fifth with 678 points.

    We would just like to say a big thanks to Chippenham model car club for hosting a great series and to all the racers that took part! We would also like to say a big thanks to Reece’s sponsors, Team Powers UK, RC Disco, RCR Decals and Hexcrews.com