Easton wins Buggy / Truggy at FSORS USA


Easton wins Buggy  Truggy at FSORS USA

“Easton TQ and wins Buggy and Truggy Export class with Cobra. Over half the A-Main drivers using Serpent cars. It all started on a cold morning in Tampa,FL around 3:30 A.M. as we began our 4:30 minute adventure into the dragons Lair….Mills Pond… This area of Florida is the densest Florida has to offer for skilled drivers that race on a regularly in the Nitro 1/8th class. You can always expect that there will be good racing and a challenging track.

Mills Pond has some of the better clay in our series line up. They typically have higher speed tracks that prove to be a little more challenging when setting up the car. This years layout was really nice with a lot of high speed and slower speed downhill off camber turns. These types of sections always are a little tricky to find steering and stability. The weather was quite cold as well in the 60’s. In this case you will have to adjust a few things on the cars dampening, spring and sway bar combination to try and balance not only the weather but track layout.

This season has gone quite well for me running both classes. It is tough though, simply because you have no time to glue tires, change the cars and prepare for your next heat race. This event only had 7 heats of drivers. The turnouts have been quite low this season, due to the increased interest in the FORCE series as well. Either way it makes for some good racing.

I started out with my typical setup in both classes and found that my Cobra truggy was a little pushy and loose as well as my buggy. Finding grip is always a challenge in cooler temperatures, but also when the track is hard but damp. Clay is best when its totally dry and the sun is baking down on it. Either way, I have to make adjustments to my oil to account for the temperature. Since the last race we ran was 10 degrees cooler, I went slightly thicker on my oil. Now my Cobra buggy needed a little more love than my truck did, so I also opted for a stiffer front spring. I went to a pink from Red.”

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