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    Robert Batlle takes Montpellier ’12

    February 13, 2012 - 09:00 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Robert Batlle takes Montpellier '12

    Our friends over at Neo Buggy reports – “Robert Batlle ended up victorious after an enthralling one hour long final, the first 40 mins saw an epic three-way cat and mouse game between Savoya, Boots and Batlle, each taking it in turns to lead. The trio seemed to race for the crowd as they pulled off some spectacular passes, Boots however had to retire after 70 laps leaving it up to Reno or Robert – still a very strong performance from the Brit. Boots’ exit promoted Sartel and Bayer, the latter who had never looked truly comfortable with his car duing qualifying put in a strong run to ensure an XRAY XB9 2,3 finish – not bad at all.

    A bad marshall in the latter stages cost Batlle dear, but a couple of mistakes on a freak lap for Savoya really hurt him, as they pitted for the last fuel stop Reno was unable to make up the gab to Robert. A very nice race with a flowing track enjoyed by many, US star Ryan Maifield although amazing to watch was unable to get the good start required and a suspected fuel cut didn’t aid his chances. Strong results for both Sartel; the Beta tyres looking promising and Yannick Aigoin a solid 5th after his first race with AE. Not forgetting Neil Cragg’s heroic day of bumping, from the 64ths all the way to the semis!”

    Robert Batlle takes Montpellier '12