New Duratrax Scissors and Body Reamer


New Duratrax Scissors and Body Reamer

These are must-have tools for any well-equipped workshop — and they’re available from Duratrax individually or in practical, cost-saving sets! All four feature high-quality construction for a long life of frequent use.

  • Body Reamer features a more ergonomic handle for extra comfort and control
  • Sharper edges make for cleaner holes with less tearing
  • Straight-tip Scissors are ideal for precision body trimming
  • Body Reamer and Straight-tip Scissors are available separately as well as in a 3-piece set with Curved-tip Scissors
  • A 2-piece set with Body Reamer and Curved-tip Scissors is also available

DTXR1151 Body Scissors Straight Tip Retail: $7.99 Street: $5.99
DTXR1158 Body Reamer Retail: $12.99 Street: $9.99
DTXR1160 Curved Tip Scissors/Body Reamer 2-Piece Set Retail: $14.99 Street: $12.99
DTXR1161 Body Scissors/Reamer 3-Piece Set Retail: $21.99 Street: $17.99

Scissors and Body Reamers will be available late February.