Gary O’Brien’s Field of Dreams Success


Gary O’Brien's 4th Annual Field of Dreams Success

Panther RC reports – “The 4th Annual Field of Dreams was held in Garden City Kansas. Track owner Eric Larson’s even hosted a strong field of Mod buggy drivers including returning champion from last year Cody Neumandol and several others from the Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado. Gary qualified 8th overall, and had a part failure in a1, but came back in a2 to finish 7th and in a3 to finish 8th. My X Factory X6sq. was incredibly fast using a Novak Havok Pro sc and a Novak 8.5 motor, Xcelleron batteries, and Panther tires.

Gary O ran soft bobcat fronts, and SS Switch 2.0 rears. The tires provided excellent traction and wear on the medium bite clay track. The groove that developed was nice, but dusty outside the line. In 2wd mod SCT, Gary ended up qualifying 5th overall, battling with motor and handling problems. Gary ended up on soft switch 2.0s for the front and a set of ss switch 2.0 for the rears for the mains. In A1 Gary took 3rd, A2 2nd, and in a 3 2nd. This put Gary tied for points for 2nd overall with the tiebreaker. Great job Gary!”