Double podium for Agama at Pierrefeu


Double podium for Agama at Pierrefeu

Nemo Racing reports – “Last week we organised the first NEMO Racing road show in the south, at one of the most famous tracks in France, in south west of the country, at Pierrefeu du Var. Weather was amazing for the time of the season with a temperature of 15 degree during Saturday afternoon! Track was just perfectly flat, clean and really grippy! We can’t imagine better conditions for the first run of the year..

Like our usual Road show meetings, Saturday was dedicated to show our stuff to our customers. The opportunity for some drivers to test our new Agama FR just assembled! Our local driver Nico Lerda Ricci was of course present to help me bringing some support to our Agama users. Yannick Roubaud and Emeric Pierre with his new Agama / Bullitt package was also there to get fun with us!

Sunday’s temperature was much colder when we were arriving at the track! -3 degree at 7h30 in the morning… Too cold to imagine running in off-road. The track was crazy slippery during the practice and first qualification, especially on all the wood and carpet surface! On this crazy condition, local drivers were at the top! Ryan Medjoubi TQ’ed the first round, a few second in front of Agama driver Nico Lerda Ricci. For me, I was lost on this condition… finishing 4 of this first round.

During the second qualify round, Nico had a crazy good run with a safe and fast driving! Nico seems to be running like one of the top A national drivers! Just unbelievable!! He TQ’ed the second round in front of Ryan.

Last round saw finally the best time and the final TQ for Ryan Medjoubi, in front of Nico. For myself, I finish 3rd overall.

During the A semi final, the first 5 minutes was really close between me and Ryan. I was now faster compared to the morning, and able to run with the local drivers. Shame for Ryan who broke a throttle servo and can’t continue the racing with me. It was really nice! Pierre Emeric who was also ready to bump in to the main final, has unfortunatelly some problem with his steering servo… But the weekend was good for him with a lot of good fun with the team. Yannick Roubaud finished 4th and bumped into the main!

On the second semi final, Nico was running for a long time with Zak, the brother of Ryan. But Zak finally kept the lead until the end. Nico took the second place and bumped in the main, getting the number 3 on the grid.

On the Promotion class, the race was important as NEMO Racing company has propose to offer to the winner, the possibility to run the next Montpellier GP with a NEMO Racing package, with the full support all the weekend! This idea brings a crazy motivation for the driver of that class..

3 Agama drivers was on the starting grid, trying to get the first place. Sun Modelisme owner was driving for the first time the Agama FR. The race was really good for him as he managed to go into the main! Unfortunately, he has known a problem with his battery a few minutes before the end. He will finish in 12th position.

Stephane Drizi bumped into the main, but a fugitive nut does not allow him to finish the race. The last Agama driver was Aldo Gigli. He started number 1 on the grid, he will keep the first position since the beginning to the end. He just enjoy the race with his full new Agama FR / Bullitt package. Amazing!!

By that way, he get his place at the Montpellier GP with our team support! Congratulations Aldo! On the Open class, I lead the race since the beginning to end, getting quickly a comfortable advance. Nico had a really bad start, loosing really quickly one lap on me. But his second half of race was amazing, running faster and faster, to obtain finally the second place! Well done Nico! You are on the right way!

Another Nice weekend with the NEMO team, friends and family! See you at our next meeting, the official practice day of Montpelier GP, organised for this Sunday!