Under The Lid – Tom Yardy’s C4.1, Part 1


Under The Lid - Tom Yardy's C4.1, Part 1

oOple reports – “The first of Styleone’s in-depth voyages into the inner workings of the cars at the sharp end is now online – with Tom Yardy’s Centro C4.1 coming under scrutiny in the first of a two-part look into the car and the setup choices needed to win, along with the development behind it.”

“I’m really excited to bring you the first of the 2 part series where we get exclusive access to the Centro C4.1 of Midlands off-road race legend Tom Yardy. This feature is a step beyond a basic set-up sheet that a driver may release for other racers to try. Our goal here is to get some personal tips and tricks from Tom as he shows us around the buggy he trusts to perform every meeting.”

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