A Main Hobbies: Entire team will not run Mugen


A Main Hobbies: 'The entire team will not be running Mugen'In a short question and answer with LiveRC, A Main Hobbies commented on the possibility of their team running Mugen for 2012, after the news of Chad Bradley ‘breaking in his new Mugen Seiki MBX6R for the 2012 season’ broke yesterday.

A Main Hobbies stated that the entire team will not be running Mugen, instead a mix of vehicles of their choice.

LRC: We saw the Facebook post about Bradley running Mugen, does this mean the whole team will run Mugen for 2012?

Kendall: No, the entire team will not be running Mugen. The drivers on our A-level team (which will be announced shortly) will all be running a mix of vehicles of their choice, since they are sponsored 100% by us; this way, our team represents a wider range of the brands of products that we sell.

LRC: Why the change from the entire team running JQ again for 2012?

Kendall: We decided it was better to have our top team guys run the products that they want to run and not have any ties to any particular manufacturer, so they can change at any time. If the JQ car is improved before the World Championships and if Chad or any of our team guys want to run it, they can switch. This gives us the most amount of flexibility when it comes to the products they run.

The full question and answer can be found here.