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    X-7 Prototype 3rd at JConcepts Clash

    December 14, 2011 - 13:15 by Kevin 0 Comments

    X-7 Prototype 3rd at JConcepts Clash

    Paul Sinclair drove the new Gen 5.2 prototype of the X Factory X – 7 4WD car to third place in a very competitive field at the J Concepts Clash. Paul had no practice at all with the new car before the first round of qualifying, and rain shortened the race to just two qualifiers and the main, so this result is quite good indeed for the new car.

    Ellis Stafford will begin testing the newest X – 7 before the end of the year. X Factory engineer Paul said, “This car has been in development for some time and every new version is faster than the one before. This latest one has completely solved a reliability issue while keeping the great performance. The belt system is now whisper quiet while delivering ballistic power. The car was excellent over a very bumpy track that was badly affected by the weather and the 1/8 scales. We expect to begin production of this latest model in the spring.”

    Because the X – 7’s body has not yet been designed, Paul’s prototype car still uses a J Concepts Punisher body for the B-44.