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    New Panther Parts Tray

    December 13, 2011 - 13:22 by Kevin 0 Comments

    New Panther Parts Tray

    Crafted from high quality flexible silicone rubber, the Panther Parts Tray won’t slide off your pit table like the plastic or metal trays. The Panther Parts Tray is ideal for working on your car, nitro engine, clutch, transmission, differentials all while keeping your pit table clean and organized. 3 convenient compartments help organize and prevent the loss of small parts. Panther Parts Trays are resistant to nitro fuel, motor spray, shock oil, and other standard r/c lubricants. The Parts Tray convenient Size: 5”x 7” fits easily into your tool box or pit bag. Also great for r/c planes, boats, trains or any other hobby item that may have small pieces.

    Available in:
    Part# A352Z Gray $12.95
    Part# A352O Florescent Orange $14.95