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    THE Car Bitty FORCE’d

    December 12, 2011 - 18:31 by Kevin 0 Comments

    THE Car Bitty FORCE'd

    Neo Buggy reports – “BittyDesign have announced the release of their ‘Force’ style body for JQ Products ‘THE Car’ – the Force line of bodies available for Kyosho, Mugen, TLR & XRAY buggys all share handling similarities. Most of all improving downforce and airflow and steering response in slow-speed corners. BittyDesign also tell us that the rear arm mudguards (see below) act to continue the ‘scoop’ effect as seen at the rear of the sidepods, thus helping high-speed stability. The cab area accommodates the stock JQ air filter, whether the engine is in the forward or rear position. As you’d expect the body is 1mm thick, comes with overspray film, window masks and a set of decals. The mudguards complete the ‘JQ look’, made from polycarbonate and fully customizeable just like the bodies and most of all keep muck and dirt away from the rear hubs and driveshaft.”