Easton wins 2011 FORCE Series Florida


Easton wins 2011 FORCE Series Florida

Report by Easton… “This years FORCE series was projected to be one of the best series’ for the state of Florida.. They had tons of Raffle prizes along with sponsorships set up for the winners of the Sportsman buggy and truggy class. The series took place at a variety of tracks up and down the state of Florida. The Series would be the best 4 of 6 events. Basically this was pretty good for me due to only being able to go to 4 of the events.

This year of racing has been a huge improvement over my past ones in the Nitro offroad class. Things have been looking up as we find better setups and with more people running the same car, it equals better results for everyone using the product. In the Pro buggy class we typically have over 7 drivers competing in the A finals with our Cobra S811 buggy and in the Pro Truggy class we have 5 or more Cobra trucks also in contention. Bart Collins has pretty much commanded the lead in the series in both classes with his consistency of attendance. Manny Sanchez , Alfredo A and Danial Martinez, Ryan Johnson have all also been very fast and improving race after race. It was really good to see the guys having great success with our S811 and S811T products.

The drivers running the product have been pretty independent and come up with some really good setups for themselves. With good communication between all the drivers they have improved their setups and seem very comfortable with them. I have been running a pretty similar setting from race to race, but have been testing some new suspension geometry as well as tweaking my setup slightly here or there. Although there is always more to test and every race you should try something new to see if you can improve your setup, it is always tough to truly improve a car. Often times you think something is better than the last thing you tried, but when you compare them back to back you find you were misleading yourself. You have to be very careful to stick to things that are successful for you and not wonder too far off.

In this years series I was very fortunate, my racing program from the engine, tires, car, fuel have really been outstanding. With making better tire choices in regards to the patterns and material, it can improve your racing results. I can honestly say that without the products I currently, I find it very hard to believe it would have been possible to have won the 4 events I entered and secure the series Championships.”

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