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    JQ Products THE Better Car

    September 12, 2011 - 11:19 by Kevin 0 Comments

    JQ Products THE Better Car

    “Recently JQ Products’ Random Decisions department has been hard at work, finalising THEUpdate. Our goal is not to make just another car, or an average racing machine. We want to make this THEBest 1:8th Scale Buggy out there. This means that we have to keep improving the quality and performance of THECar. This update includes all the running changes we have made during the year, along with new plastics, designed to be more durable.

    The plastic parts in THEUpdate in the image above are new, and haven’t been available to the general public, other than team drivers and racers whome we have met at events. We have handed the new parts to drivers of all skill levels to try out. However, the other parts, such as hingepins, diff crosspins etc, have already been updated in all kits months ago, and as such they are not included in THEUpdate kit JQS024.”