LRP S8 BXR Evo – Tuning Parts Available


LRP S8 BXR evo – Tuning Parts Available

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LRP reports – “The LRP S8 BXR evo buggy features an outstanding driveability already in its standard version. You still want more? No problem! Our new tuning parts push your S8 BXR evo into new performance dimensions. See the A-finalist of the IFMAR 1/8 Offroad Worlds in a new light. Discover the undetected performance reserves of your high-end S8 BXR evo competition buggy. With the all new tuning parts, the S8 BXR evo can be adjusted to different conditions. It’ll be the ruler on every track! Convert your S8 BXR evo into a real “offroad monster”. Two slight modifications at the caster and the shock pistons boost your car into new dimensions. Be prepared for the next race!

Aluminium Fore Suspension Arm Mount Rear

The modern suspension of the S8 BXR evo enables you to modify the caster setup. Instead of the pre-set 2.2°, parts with 2.7° (#132655) and 3.5° (#132656) are available. The larger the caster is set up, the more stable the car is while accelerating. You can discover on rough and bumpy tracks another positive effect of a large caster setup: the suspension is more angled into the direction of travel. Holes in the track are absorbed significantly better.

Tapered Shock Pistons

One of the decisive performance factors on an offroad track is consistent soil contact of all four wheels. Only in this condition, the power of the engine can be converted to maximum speed. The new tapered shock pistons feature an angular bore, instead of a straight one. This modification completely changes the shock absorbing characteristics of your car: the compression of the springs is effected very quickly, while the expansion is effected slowly and consistently. This results in a much smoother drive-ability – no matter how rough and bumpy the track is.”

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