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    XceedRC Large Trolly-Bag

    August 25, 2011 - 06:49 by Kevin 0 Comments

    XceedRC Large Trolly-Bag

    Xceed has announced the release of their new large trolly-bag…


    • Bag material: washable material
    • Bag color: Dark Grey and Black
    • Bag Size assembled LxHxW 55x 59x35cm
    • Weight = 9kgs
    • Bag Design (Outside):
    • o 2 x zipper pocket for storage left side and set-up board pocket right side.
    • o Tools holder and removable box for accessories storage in top
    • Pulling handle: fully extendable and retractable.
    • Carry handle: a comfortable handle with a padded grip.
    • Totally 4 Xceed embroidery logo: 1 logo on the top of the pull down zip (the cover side of the removable rectangular), 1 logo on the front side, 1 logo on the back side, 1 logo on the carry handle (small one)
    • Bag Design totally 5 drawer with smart cover scoll design
    • All drawers are strong, washable, offer support and foldable. Drawer sizes are:
    • o Large Drawer Inner Dimension: LxHxW 50x32x19cm (1)
    • o Medium Drawer Inner Dimension: LxHxW 24x12x32cm (3)
    • o Small Drawer Inner dimension: : LxHxW 20.5x12x32cm (1)
    • Smooth Wheels and well designed and stable rubber feet
    • Shipping carton size: LxHxW 66x 45x 53cm Weight: 11kgs (packing 1 box for 1 bag)