Podium for TC6 at Aldershot


Podium for TC6 at Aldershot

“Zak Smith nets third at BRCA R4 after a difficult weekend for the Associated team. It was a tough weekend for the Associated team at round four of this years BRCA on road series, despite have three TC6’s in the Super Touring A final Olly Jefferies qualified in his lowest place all season in fifth. Lining up behind Olly were team mates Johnny Aird and Alan Bickerstaff. Despite a second and a third the consistency of the front three meant Olly could only manage a fourth place on the day. For Johnny it was sixth at the end and ninth for Alan.

In 10.5 Stock Zak was third on the grid for the A final with his Novak powered TC6. Despite being hit off in two of the finals he managed an excellent third on the day which keeps him in contention for a top three finish in the series. Elsewhere Chris Slater salvaged something from a frustrating day with a win in the 10.5 stock B final. There were also wins in the lower finals for Tom Jefferies and Judy Walker. The meeting saw both classes of the national title decided in favour of Andy Moore and Ayrton Anderson, well done to both drivers.”