BRCA 1/12th Circuit Nationals 2011/12


BRCA 12th Circuit Nationals 201112

The Dates are:

  • 22nd/23rd October – Ardent (Cross House Farm, Kings Newton)
  • NOV 19/20 – Hereford (Halo Leisure Centre, Leominster)
  • DEC 10/11 – Tamworth (Wilnecote High School, Tamworth)
  • JAN 21/22 – Plymouth (Tamarside Community College, Plymouth)
  • FEB 18/19 – Teesside (Dukesway Industrial Estate, Stockton-on-Tees)
  • MAR 17/18 – Chesterfield (Sharley Park Leisure Centre, Clay Cross)

Entry Info:

All events: Saturday is Stock Class (blinky speedos), Sunday is Open Modified. You can enter either or both classes.

Entry Fee is £13 per day / £26 per weekend.

So there are 6 rounds of the Stock Class and 6 rounds of the Modified class.

To qualify for a championship finishing position you need to complete 4 events in a class.
(e.g. For example if you work Saturdays you can just do 4 of the Sundays and you would get a championship finishing position for the Modified class.)

Entry details will be posted on the BRCA website ( in due course.

Full directions, hotel lists etc will be distributed in due course, and will also be in confirmations of entry.

Other Info:

Finals are of the A-Z variety, trophies to top 3 in each.

The stock class is for 10.5 brushless motors from the BRCA EB list and speedos set to run in ‘blinky mode’. A list of homologated speedos will be produced by the electric board soon. This is likely to be very similar to the exisiting list used by ROAR in America, so use that for guidance.

The Open modified class is for any BRCA EB homologated motor and any speedo. Dynamic timing advance and ‘boost profiles’ are allowed for this class, so there are no restrictions.

There are also separate championships for Formula 2 and Formula 3 (All drivers are placed into a Formula based on their ability, by the qualifying officer) this runs over the year and is based on the same format as the Open or Formula1 championship described above.

So essentially at events you qualify and race against people of roughly your own ability, there is a Championship for drivers of all ability to chase, and you don’t have to do too much road mileage to qualify for it. (Though I would personally recommend making the effort as they’re all excellent meetings.)

The timing system used is RC AMB; personal transponders are required.

European Championship 2012 – there isn’t one as the Worlds are in Europe (see below)

World Championship 2012:

Heemestede Holland, sometime during the summer

Entry Requirements:
Do you want to go?
Let us know when we start asking who’s interested in going – the UK will be given a number of places that will be allocated by applying the handicap to the championship listing. Having said that, at the last worlds in Germany pretty much everyone who asked for a place ended up getting one.

Changes for 2011/12:

Blinky speedos and 10.5 motors only for stock
Open modified only for Sunday (sports mod no longer exists)