Cheating at EC A Champs in Luxembourg?


Cheating at EC A Champs in Luxembourg

Last weekend we saw the 1/8th on-road European Championships take place at Luxembourg. An interesting topic regarding the fast and technical track was as you would expect tyre choice, furthermore its treatment.

It is general knowledge that tyre treatment in EFRA rules is a well-known discussion with the prohibition against this uprising problem being concluded at the beginning of 2011. However in Italy, the modification of tyres is in fact allowed and unrestricted.

It has been said that certain drivers arrived in Luxembourg with up to twenty different mixtures of tyre additives. Photos show mechanics applying “Milk” (as one of the drivers tried to tell the referees), to tyres. As you can see, rubber gloves and brush in hand the tyre modification took place at the track in the back of cars.

We personally have no evidence that drivers were using the prohibited additives on the track and at this very moment in time we understand that no drivers were disqualified. It has been suggested that the tyre modification may in fact of been in preparation for the next race in Italy however this of course begs the question, why prepare them in the back of a car trackside in Luxembourg?

Cheating at EC A Champs in Luxembourg