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    8th Euros Tuesday: Timed practice

    August 2, 2011 - 09:49 by Kevin 0 Comments

    8th Euros Tuesday Timed practice

    Neo Buggy reports – “Clear skies and the sun is shining in Germany, today the drivers will hit the track for the first time in two rounds of timed practice giving them 25 mins of track time in total. The rounds themselves won’t actually be used for any reseeding as such – so its very much a chance for drivers to get a feel and parts test a few things early on.

    Tuesday 2nd :

    • Morning – Tech inspection & registration
    • 0900 – 12:30 Timed Practice 1 (10 min)
    • 12:45 – 17:50 Timed practice 2 (15 mins)”

    Pavidis talks the Euros:

    A quick chat with Lee Martin:

    Full event coverage can be found here!
    Source: www.neobuggy.net

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