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    10th Worlds Organizers: Unacceptable Situation

    August 1, 2011 - 13:52 by Kevin 0 Comments

    IFMAR 10th Worlds ’11 organizers: Uncertain times ahead!

    Jussi Luopajärvi, Project manager for the 2011 IFMAR Electric Buggy Worlds has released the following statement regarding the future…

    “IFMAR Electric Buggy Worlds finished Sunday 24th of July and in the evening banquet I as project manager made statement about my feelings about RC car racing and its current situation. Our club Vaasa Motorsport club has nowdecided that it is not taking part of any international race as organizers until the roles and responsibilities between different stakeholders are solved. With international race we mean any IFMAR event, EFRA event or a “black race”. With stakeholders in this case we mean federations, manufacturers, media and organizers. From organizers point of view our sport is in a unacceptable situation. We feel that our work is taken as granted and that we are the only stakeholder to handle risks when it comes to organizing events and expanding the publicity of our sport. After our Worlds the big question was about the organizer of the next Worlds. Who is going to take the challenge and many thought it will be very difficult to find. Why? I think there is only one reason…

    The organizer will be pretty much alone with their problems.

    Different stakeholders are blaming each other for different problems and no one is taking the responsibility. Our assumption is that the sport is growing, but a strong structure and cooperation between different stakeholders is missing. If the sport is growing, then we are in big problems in the near future. We as organizers cannot support this anymore. We have used every possible drop of blood, sweat and tears from our organization to help pushing our sport to next level (Electric Buggy Euros 2007, Rally Finland Nitrocross Championship 2010, IFMAR Electric Buggy Worlds 2011), but all the work is for nothing if nothing changes.

    We hope that all stakeholders would sit around same table and decide the direction where RC car racing and the industry in general should be going in the future. Important question is also the roles what each one should have. We also think that IFMAR should be the one to take the leading role here and working in a close cooperation with different stakeholders to develop an agreement about the future. Model car committee of Finnish national motorsport federation (AKK-Motorsport) agrees with Vaasa Motorsport club about the problems and these two organizations are available for any discussions or working groups regarding the issues stated in this letter.

    Best regards,
    Jussi Luopajärvi
    Project manager
    2011 IFMAR Electric Buggy Worlds”