Ryan Maifield TQ after Saturday at 4WD Worlds


Ryan Maifield in the Lead after Saturday

“Three qualifying rounds in 4WD were driven on Saturday 23 July in the Worlds 2011. The fourth round, which was the last round of Saturday, was not finished because of heavy rain. After the qualifying round on Sunday, altogether four qualifying rounds have been driven instead of the usual five. Each competitor’s position in the finals is determined by their best two qualifying rounds. The track is kept dry until Sunday with a large tarp. The best racer in Sunday was Ryan Maifield, who seemed very level headed about the upcoming finals. He says he doesn’t have a special strategy for tomorrow. He is preparing for the race like he prepares for all races taking each round at a time.

Ryan Maifield in the Lead after Saturday

The setting after Saturday is most exciting for the home audience, because there are two Finnish drivers who still have a chance of making it to A-finals. Ari Heinonen’s mood is positive and he says that he’ll give the race everything he has got. Another Finnish driver who might be seen in A-finals is Joseph Quagraine. His goal is to make it to the top 3, but he realizes that there is no room for errors.

Ryan Maifield in the Lead after Saturday

Top 10 after Saturday:

  1. Ryan Maifield (USA)
  2. Jared Tebo (USA)
  3. Neil Cragg (GBR)
  4. Joern Neumann (GER)
  5. Ryan Cavalieri (USA)
  6. Lee Martin (GBR)
  7. Kohta Akimoto (JPN)
  8. Dakotah Phend (USA)
  9. Hubert Hönigl (AUT)
  10. Naoto Matsukura (JPN)

Text: www.ifmar2011.com
Images: www.liverc.com (Live Coverage)