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    Cavalieri the Double Champion of the World

    July 24, 2011 - 19:46 by Kevin 0 Comments

    Cavalieri the Double Champion of the World

    “In the IFMAR World Championships 2011 the world champion was determined by three A-finals of which the best two rounds counted. Ryan Cavalieri from the United States secured his victory already after the second A-final making him a double champion as he had already won the 2WD championship on Wednesday. The race for the second and the third positions continued in the third A-final and Cavalieri was joined in the podium by German Joern Neumann (2nd) and Jared Tebo (3rd) from the United States.

    Cavalieri said that Neumann, Tebo and Maifield put a lot of pressure on him. He didn’t think at first that he would have as much speed in 4WD as he did in the 2WD, but today he had a completely new mind set. Although he didn’t drive the fastest laps, his driving was consistent.

    Cavalieri the Double Champion of the World

    Neumann, who finished second, rejoiced over his placement and thanked his team for great co-operation. Tebo was on the same lines and he added that he was proud of this 3rd position. Victory was very close, but he made a couple mistakes which he had to pay for. So often victory depends on whose day it is and sometimes you drive consistently and sometimes you don’t.

    The best Finns of the day raced in the B-final where Joseph Quagraine placed 12th and Ari Heinonen 20th.

    The top 10 4WD racers in 2011 are:

    1. Ryan Cavalieri (USA)
    2. Joern Neumann (GER)
    3. Jared Tebo (USA)
    4. Ryan Maifield (USA)
    5. Hubert Hönigl (AUT)
    6. Neil Cragg (GBR)
    7. Lee Martin (GBR)
    8. Naoto Matsukura (JPN)
    9. Dakotah Phend (USA)
    10. Kohta Akimoto (JPN)”

    Cavalieri the Double Champion of the World

    Text: www.ifmar2011.com
    Images: www.liverc.com

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