Matias Portuguese ban: Update


Matias Portuguese ban: Update

Neo Buggy reports – “The sad story continues to drag on in Portugal, the national federation (FEPRA) having announced an 8 month-long ban for 11x national champion Miguel Matias at the start of the year. The official reason for the ban was Matias decision to wear his tshirt inside out at the 2010 Euros opening ceremony; a protest that was cited as the official reason. Neo Buggy understands that over the course of many years there has been bad blood between Matias & the national federation ranging from a number of issues, despite being Portugal’s most successful RC driver by some way relations appear to have broken down in the last year.

The dispute turned ugly at last weekend’s 4th round nationals as FEPRA prevented him from taking part in the practice sessions on Saturday, so much so the Portuguese Republican National Guard were called on two occasions to diffuse the situation. In the time since, fellow racers in Portugal have rallied and have started an online public petition to allow Miguel Matias to race again both nationally in the Portuguese championship and in international races representing Portugal. With the petition already at 190 signatures it is believed that further support may influence FEPRA’s position on this subject which has now prevented Matias from competing in national events and with no allocated Portuguese spot for the Euros.

Course of events:

  • Matias punished by FEPRA due to official reasons above.
  • Matias overturns ban via court appeal.
  • FEPRA claims Matias has no license to race – Matias claims he applied in February,
  • FEPRA issued no license due to ban being in effect.
  • FEPRA removes Matias’ 7th place finish at Torres Vedras (Rd 3)

The story continues…

Matias Portuguese ban