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    New E-Speed Motor Plate

    July 2, 2011 - 06:17 by Kevin 0 Comments

    New E-Speed Motor Plate

    “X Factory and Ellis Stafford are proud to announce the new E-Speed Motor Plate to fit all 4-Gear X-Cars.  Fresh from his dominating victory at the TLR Super Cup race, Ellis releases the newly designed motor plate to improve motor cooling and reduce bending.  Made of 7075 aluminum, the new plate is stronger than the standard motor plate and has extra material too.  Ellis has designed in extra cooling areas to make his plate even more efficient than the old one it replaces.  Color matches Ellis’s Motor Plate Support Bracket and his Heatsink/Fan Mount, so the three parts play very nicely together.  Shipping now to fine hobby stores world-wide, and available in just a day or two from the X Factory store.”