RCS Graphic Worx FREE Paint Giveaway


RCS Graphic Worx FREE Paint Giveaway

“In conjunction with RCS Graphic Worx we are about to announce a promotion whereby we (RCS Graphic Worx and X-Factory UK) will be giving away FREE some paint to end users and customers all over the UK. You may think we are mad, but there is a reason. RCS are about to launch, several new colours into their fantastic “Candies” range of liquid airbrush paint that we distribute. We feel that there is no better way to get this range noticed than to give away some free samples to the public to try out at no cost. However, we believe that we have devised a way that will also help out the shops too and encourage customers to walk into the stores (and hopefully spend some more money with you all once they are there too), so we are wanting to make aware all of the shops on our records of how the promotion is being aimed and how we expect it to work.

We will be announcing the promotion shortly on several of the major UK news websites and forums (the most visited online areas for the common racer and body painter today) and all we asking the customer to do is “walk in” to their local store of their choice and ask you to contact us for their FREE sample. All we then ask of the shop is to take the name of the person concerned (we don’t want any other details) and contact us on the details at the foot of this email by either phone or email and by return of post we will send you (post free) the FREE sample for your customer, to then come and collect in person from your store… If any of our dealers would also like a sample for themselves, please feel free to just ask and we shall send some to you also, to take a look at or put to good use. If of course any of your customers return wanting to purchase further supplies of any of the colours in the range, we would hope they would do so through yourselves rather than purchasing over the internet, hence putting the trade back into the shops. Even the accomplished sprayers who often try to buy direct from suppliers will have to go through their local store on this promotion if they require a FREE sample.

The new range of colours in question are;

  • Caramel
  • Smoke/Tint
  • Brite Blue
  • Brown
  • Midnight Blue
  • Purple Lightning

Full details of the promotion will be published online directly by RCS Graphic Worx shortly.”