Joe Kerry wins Rd3 of 200mm BRCA Nationals


Joe Kerry wins Rd3 of 200mm BRCA Nationals

“The third round of the 2011 British National series was held on the last weekend in May at the Brooklands circuit in the south of England. The weather forecast for the meeting was not looking too good with showers predicted. Despite this the weather held off and we managed to have another dry meeting.  The traction was quite low to start off with but by the end of Saturday’s practice it had risen to a decent level. In qualifying I used Contact 32 fronts and 37 rears which gave me plenty of grip and I was able to get into the top 4 by the end of qualifying. Mark Green took FTD with Johnathan Dobney 2nd, and Kyle Branson 3rd all just a few seconds in front of me.

Qualifying results:

  1. Mark Green20/ 5m 11.46
  2. Johnathan Dobney20/ 5m 12.91
  3. Kyle Branson20/ 5m 13.92
  4. Joe Kerry19/ 5m 0.47
  5. Simon Wood19/ 5m 1.48
  6. Adam Catchpole19/ 5m 4.86
  7. Andrew Hastings19/ 5m 5.56
  8. Neal King19/ 5m 6.39
  9. Matthew Cook19/ 5m 10.40
  10. Alex Thurston19/ 5m 14.67

In the final i ran Contact 35 fronts with 37/40 on the rear which worked perfectly. I was able to cross the line over a lap in front of 2nd placed Johnathan and take my first BRCA National win!Joe was in the lead for most of final.Carbon rims working well on the fast track,  even in low traction conditions the tyres were excellent.

Final results:

  1. Joe Kerry109/30m 2.36
  2. Johnathan Dobney108/30m 11.05
  3. Matthew Cook105/30m 1.52
  4. Kyle Branson89/28m 7.27
  5. Alex Thurston84/23m 29.47
  6. Simon Wood83/30m 7.05
  7. Adam Catchpole59/17m 38.56
  8. Neal King43/12m 57.45
  9. Andrew Hastings35/ 9m 49.50
  10. Mark Green6/ 1m 44.06″